Terms of Service

1. Introduction

xCLOUD is a cryptocurrency token built on the XRP Ledger, a decentralized network that facilitates the transfer of digital assets. The xCLOUD token serves as a reward system, with the goal of preserving the market through constantly changing reward structures. Additionally, xCLOUD allows for interaction with other XRPL tokens, providing a platform for projects to promote their work. The xCLOUD token can be obtained through exchanges using XUMM, and there is a total supply of 1 billion xCLOUD tokens.

2. xCLOUD NFT Collection

The xCLOUD NFT Collection is a series of non-fungible tokens that are categorized and serve various functions. These categories offer different advantages to the holders of the NFTs. Some of the decided functions of the xCLOUD NFTs will provide rewards to the holders as a bonus. These rewards will be generated through multiple award systems that will be implemented over time. The xCLOUD NFT Collection will have multiple categories, and multiple award systems will be generated over time.

3. xCLOUD Reward Engine

The xCLOUD Reward Engine is a program that offers various rewards to xCLOUD token holders based on their holder status. The percentage of the reward that a holder receives will depend on the market performance of the xCLOUD token. The reward engine is designed to incentivize and benefit xCLOUD holders in multiple ways.

4. Marketing

The xCLOUD marketing team will utilize various social media platforms, including Twitter, Discord, Reddit, and others, to promote the xCLOUD token and its features. Our team will also work with XRPL promoters to expand our reach and attract new users. In addition, we will utilize popular cryptocurrency resources such as Coinsniper, Coinmarketcap, and Coingecko to further showcase xCLOUD and increase its visibility in the cryptocurrency market.

5. Token Security

We are committed to transparency from the outset so that all community members and customers will know what to expect. We will be transparent with our reserves management and put steps in place to ensure that token reserves are subject to real wallet restrictions that will prevent Rug Pulls. We have researched and presented a XRPLedger project that is anchored on real use cases, that will deliver real value and lifetime utility for value growth. We will promote a communication approach for our ecosystem such that token holders will have a say and decide the direction of the project. Token holders will decide who represents the community, what policies are adopted, and any potential changes the ecosystem might undergo in its development stages.

6. Developer Responsibility

The developer of the xCLOUD website and token is not responsible for ensuring that the website and token function as intended and is also not responsible for any issues that may arise from its use.